Ücretsiz Demo için Hemen Başvur

CRM Web is a brand new way of doing business for businesses. The negotiations will not be alleged but will be recorded and the correspondences will be ready to be accessed any time without accumulating them in dusty files.

           Under CRM Web, real persons and legal entities (institutions) are followed separately. Both have similar features. Institutions; customers, prospective customers, suppliers, subcontractors, banks or group companies. The contacts can be the authorities, or personnel, of customers, suppliers or prospective clients.

  • In addition to the identification information known to persons or institutions, an unlimited number of institutions may be appointed to an unlimited number of persons (authorities) or persons. A different task description can be made for each assignment.             
  • An unlimited number of phone numbers can be added to contacts or organizations             
  • Organizations can be associated with each other             
  • Unlimited number of documents can be added to contacts or organizations These documents are known windows files. Word, Excel, image, etc documents; cut + paste, can be added with continuous + drop techniques, or can be taken directly from a scanner or camera without intervention. Once these documents are added, they become part of the database and can be deleted from where the original is. If the Document Management module is used, text search can be done on these attachments without any further processing. In this way, the proposals are saved in the computers of the correspondents, contracts, etc., in a dispersed state. The risk of loss of information that can be caused by personal computers, corruption, theft, etc., will eventually cease, and everyone will be able to access it healthily. It enables the added documents to be opened from the CRM Web in their original state. For persons, documents added may be diploma copies, identity copies, etc.
    • Contacts; hobbies, associations, members of the school, relatives, languages ??they know, and body measurements can be made in an unlimited number of places.             
    • A large number of user-defined criteria can be specified to categorize organizations according to the purpose of use, if necessary.             
    • It is possible to transfer information belonging to the Authority and Persons to Excel or Outlook in accordance with authority and vice versa. Telephone, or any other form of negotiation with a person or organization.
      • The interviewer's name, time, reason, format, details and if applicable Windows files can be added.             
      • If the interview is to be followed up at a later date, it will be determined who or who will follow and at what date.             
      • When the date arrives, you can be alerted to the interviews. If negotiations are followed by an administrator, information is provided about the negotiations that the manager has not read.
      • A list and details of the interviews made on the Institution and / or Person cards of the interviewee can be reached.
      • If the sales representatives conduct negotiations and correspondence with CRM Web, that they are made by the employees serving the customers, accountants, employees in production and all other personnel;
        • The frequent change of staff, being on track or task change is a problem.             
        • If the contact person is changed by the customer, the replacement person will find all transactions in the past under his / her hand.             
        • All of the actions taken by the service personnel are recorded; minimizes the disagreements that arise with customers and ensures that customer satisfaction reaches the highest level. In this sense, CRM Web offers a whole new way of doing business for businesses. From now on; negotiations will not be on the verge but will be recorded and the correspondences will be ready to be accessed at any time without accumulating in dusty files. All this will help you to protect nature by removing the papers, files and cabinets from the middle to provide a green working environment.         

Ücretsiz Demo için Hemen Başvur