Mobile Services

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Real-Time Streaming of Data with Mobile Solutions

Clancy Warehouse Management Module

    It is very important for the firms operating in the field to transfer the collected data from the field to the system instantaneously, to process and to create and report action plans according to the results. As 12M Consultancy, it offers mobile solutions that are technological, flexible, easy to integrate and simple to use for companies in this sector. The common point that companies managing different processes in different sectors meet to survive is customer satisfaction. In order to be able to increase this, they need to use their human resources, stock and time efficiently and reduce their costs. CLANCY DYS, which makes the processes in the process from warehouse entry to warehouse transfer and depot exit easy, fast and error-free, also performs the counting process of the existing products in the warehouse. CLANCY DYS, which removes the manual operations from the overload and reduces the time and financial losses caused by human errors to the minimum level, offers serial reading or reading with menus in warehouse counting operations. CLANCY DYS, collecting and reading the products one by one during the counting process, allows manual entry of barcode information as well as producing sectoral solutions by reading weighted product barcodes, price product barcodes and serial number barcodes, which are used in different sectors. Thanks to its flexible structure, we make it easy to apply the rules required by your company's processes. If you need a more flexible structure, you can check the barcodes' consistency and make checks on the barcodes being read, or you can get them to be read without any control.

Clancy Mobile Sales System

        In today's market conditions, where competition is intensely developed, ensuring that products are in the right place at the right time is an absolute must. A well-managed sales and distribution organization always moves the company forward. CLANCY MSS ensures effective and efficient management of your sales and distribution organization established with large investments. CLANCY MSS is a system solution that provides and controls businesses' hot sales, order collection (cold sales), delivery and merchandising automation. With the use of GPRS technology, it also has the power of computing power on the desktop and even more. Makes it possible for teams to work in real sense by ensuring that vehicle and warehouse inventory teams are in constant contact. With CLANCY MSS you can simplify all the operations that your staff will perform on the scene and eliminate the time losses and errors that can result from manual operations. Winning time allows to spend to improve customer relationships. All information collected from the scene, customer, product and field staff; It enables monitoring, reporting and control of visits, sales, order collection performances in a hierarchical structure. The CLANCY MSS provides other benefits to the site operator by defining the field operations from the initiative of the field staff by defining them on the initiative of the field staff, by creating the visit history by following the pre-collected information on the visited points, and by comparing them at the points of sale.

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