Handheld Terminal Solution

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Offers reading options with serial reading or quantity in the warehouse counting operations


  • Easy to use
  • Eligible cost
  • Parametric structure
  • Serious reading or math reading
  • Search for product code or product name for non-barcode or non-barcode products
  • Ability to change the quantity of products at any time
  • Ability to read barcodes of different types
  • Weighted (weighted) product barcodes
    • Periodical broadcast barcodes (magazines, newspapers)
    • Barcodes with special alphabetical digits
    • Serial number barcodes
  • Read by reading
  • Product control
  • User-based authorization
  • Integration with commercial enterprise resource planning packages


  • Fast and error-free warehouse / stock counting
  • Tracking inventories instantly
  • Sales force provides fast and effective communication between the center and the customer. This helps to ensure that the service provided to clients is quality and timely
  • Preventing errors in products entering the warehouse
  • Quick return of initial investment cost Savings of time and labor through integration with commercial or enterprise resource planning packages
  • It is of utmost importance that companies that operate in the field transfer the collected data from the field to the system instantly, process it, form and report action plans according to the results. As 12M Consulting, we offer mobile solutions that are technologically flexible, easy to integrate and easy to use for companies in this sector. The common point that companies managing different processes in different sectors meet to survive is customer satisfaction. In order to be able to increase this, they need to use their human resources, stock and time efficiently and reduce their costs. CLANCY DYS, which makes the processes in the process from warehouse entry to warehouse transfer and depot exit easy, fast and error-free, also performs the counting process of the existing products in the warehouse. CLANCY DYS, which reduces the time and financial losses caused by human errors to the minimum level by removing the manual operations from the overload, offers reading options along with serial reading in warehouse counting operations. CLANCY DYS, collecting and reading the products one by one during the counting process, allows manual entry of barcode information as well as producing sectoral solutions by reading weighted product barcodes, price product barcodes and serial number barcodes, which are used in different sectors. Thanks to its flexible structure, we make it easy to apply the rules required by your company's processes. If you need a more flexible structure, you can check the barcodes' consistency and make checks on the barcodes being read, or you can get them to be read without any control.

Ücretsiz Demo için Hemen Başvur