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We prepare candidates and introduce them to companies.

Consumers are going digital too fast in Turkey. Computer and internet usage rates were 54.8% and 55.9% respectively in 16-74 groups in April, Mobile phones or smart phones are available at 96.8% of the HANARs in April 2015. 25.2% of the HANs have a desktop computer, 43.2% have a portable computer and 20.9% can connect to unda internete. When Internet usage is taken into consideration, 80.9% of the individuals who can use the internet in the first three months of 2015 made a profile via social media. Reading online news with 70.2%, searching information about goods and services with 59.4%. Faced with these constantly increasing rates, it is increasing parallel to the technology needs of institutions.

The number of IT specialists in Turkey is under a lot of needs. Institutions have great difficulty in finding experts with the features they need. The average period of stay of IT professionals in institutions is 3 years. Due to the high demand, the commitment has decreased considerably. Candidates' demands remain high compared to their infrastructure, and institutions have difficulties in finding trained personnel.

According to TURKSTAT data, the unemployment rate in February 2018 was 10.6%. Especially in the information sector, the biggest obstacle to new graduates is the inability to reach the employment opportunity to gain the necessary experience. Candidates have difficulty in applying for applications due to the fact that the universities are unfortunately far behind in terms of academic and technical deficiencies and the use of technological tools and the laboratories that develop student education practically in the departments and the students who are prepared in the sector lack of internship opportunities do not have sufficient field experience.

12M Consultancy offers process analysis and design, project management, training and system optimization services as well as 13 year enterprise software solutions, mobile applications, system and hardware integration applications to meet the information and communication technology requirements of companies.

We start our on-the-job training project to acquire the necessary human resources and our sector with our experience and wide portfolio.


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Why is the 12M Training Program Different?

Because your training plan will be based on the on-the-job training model. Trained trainees will be ready to work for CTEC training institutions and pennies, as they have grown up by working on real-time projects for 6 months compared to university graduates. Since the CTEC institutions do not follow a selective strategy in terms of individual training, the success rates after the training are very low, and the participants are also sold dreams. The 12M counseling on-the-job training program will carry out a preliminary selection in the course selection process, so the lively projects will be supported by the trainees.

Ücretsiz Demo için Hemen Başvur