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12M Consulting offers process analysis and design, project management, training and system optimization services as well as enterprise software solutions, mobile applications, systems and hardware integration applications to meet the information and communication technology requirements of companies.

The company continues to work with the goal of making the ERP systems used by the companies suitable for them, by making the necessary process analyzes, identifying the missing and missing points, improving the processes, sharing the experience for 13 years at the point where the used ERP systems can add value to the company.

Within the concept of "Customer Satisfaction" in which 12M Consulting principle is acquired,It enables customers to solve their problems in the shortest time and in the most rational way, channeling them to their main business. In this respect, the losses of the customers are reduced the most.

We Are Always With You

The services required in the field of information technology are independent of the brand, keeping customer demand and satisfaction in the forefront and providing it in the shortest possible time, in a quality, economical, widespread, efficient and planned way.

Our leader in our field because

Where our customers need it, to be with you with the solutions you need when you need it,To help our clients achieve their primary and secondary goals,do not generate added value in our consulting,be open to change and constantly renew itself,in principle enterprise software solutions,process analysis and design,project management,training and system optimization services and we are among the leading companies in the IT market with its staff specializing in software and consulting.

Our Mission

To provide the most appropriate solutions for our customers in a fast, practical and economical way, to serve us with solutions to increase the productivity and profitability of our customers by acting in accordance with their expectations and adding continual innovations to our superior features.

Our Vision

Becoming an organization that learns and developing by making qualities a lifestyle is to become one of the leading companies in the industry by providing an institutional structure that can provide all kinds of software consultancy services by enabling them to concentrate on their core business activities by informing our customers about opportunities and threats they may encounter from outside.

Our Quality Policy

Our clients need variable, to meet their demands and requirements in line with their expectations,

Providing services by adopting effective quality management and customer satisfaction as a principle and continuously delivering excellence,

Software, to provide superior quality service in the field of support and sales and after sales of our products both software and support team to compete against time to provide fast and serial services,

To have an innovative way of thinking by constantly following the developing technology world.

Our quality policy.

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