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U.F.R.S Counseling Service

Turkish business world, the worldwide accounting and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) in other words, Turkey Accounting Standards developments in the field (TMS) usage with the new Turkish Commercial Code, which will make it compulsory has entered a new period. As far as public companies, banks, financial institutions and insurance companies prepare their financial statements in accordance with IFRS, we see that many companies have begun to prepare their financial statements according to IFRS / TMS with the change process we are in. Many companies that have not yet implemented IFRS / TMS are starting their preliminary work to be prepared for these new standards. IFRS not only affects the daily operations of the companies, it also can significantly change the reported profitability. This can lead to negative consequences by misleading managers and other authorities, often during important decision-making times. In order not to have negative consequences due to the numbers, an experienced, specialized team and advanced financial reporting systems may be needed to see beyond the figures. As a 12M Consulting Team consisting of experienced professionals, we provide services related to complex accounting and reporting issues, as well as providing you with continuous consultation, as well as the establishment of a system that will enable you to prepare prompt and compatible reporting in accordance with IFRS and your employees.

Budgeting and Reporting Activities

The profit planning and control activities that have come to the forefront in recent years remain the two most important elements of the budgeting approach today. provides services to hundreds of customers in all matters involving business management, including best practices, the creation of systems that you need financially budgeted for your activities planned with the experience gained, the preparation and management of budgets. Budgeting Considering the Company's strategy and policy; Purchasing and inventory control of financial and administrative operations Contribution to budget and budget control services and planning Arrangement with the help of regulations such as check, check, follow-up, personnel, billing, internal control Establishment of internal control mechanisms and training of personnel in order to ensure implementation of prepared procedures Management All types of financial reporting; management reports, budget, cash flow and so on. preparation of tables (USGAAP, IFRS, Consolidation reports, etc.)

Financial Advisory Services

Our company provides financial consultancy services to its customers in the framework of the following legislation and related legislation with its expert staff located in its staff. Our main goal when providing these services is to ensure that our customers get the most accurate and healthier information they can reach during their workflow as quickly as possible. The methods followed in this context are as follows; Firstly, all the information and documents that constitute the legislation are investigated and the position of the subject in the financial legislation is determined by taking into consideration the written opinions, judicial decisions and comments given earlier by the competent authorities and reports based on the researches and analyzes about our company's opinions and suggestions about the subject are prepared Our customers' legal records and documents are examined from the tax side in order to ensure that their financial obligations are fulfilled in a sound manner and an unjust tax risk arising from a possible faulty transaction is determined in advance and the necessary corrections are made without delay If necessary, the opinions of the competent authorities should be taken into consideration and the application in the framework of these opinions it is ensured that the moment is directed correctly.

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