Corporate Check-Up

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Organizations are analyzed in detail with the free Corporate Check-Up service.

        12M Consulting analyzes the organizations in detail with the free Corporate Check-Up service. In order to be ready for sudden internal and external crisis situations and to be able to see scenario-based proactive solutions in advance, it is necessary to be able to present the current situation on an objective basis. "We can not improve anything we can not measure ..." is important from an external perspective, compared with the universal benchmark criteria. Here is a Check-Up model that has been experienced for companies and institutions at this point. Companies are analyzed in terms of all functions and internationally valid criteria and market data. With this project to be implemented by 12M Consultancy, companies that want to make a difference and feel the necessity of change must first pass a scientific Check-Up to put all their functions on the table, do not take photographs of various companies at this stage, we plan to share road maps with them and aim to be able to guide those who imagine that they can not exactly predict what to do in the face of unexpected demand contraction, want to compare the present situation with others, question the effectiveness of current operations with an external eye, want to be institutionalized, create new distribution channels and develop their sales. The advantages of the Corporate Check-Up service are as follows:         

  • Analysis of problems in internal processes                 
  • Identify points that need to be improved in processes                 
  • Identify performance indicators and clarify workflows as a basis for a possible ERP project         

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