WMS (Warehouse Management System)

It ensures that all operations in the warehouse are terminated, supervised and coordinated effectively, efficiently and efficiently.

Products Management System

It provides the production and semi-finished prescriptions of the producing enterprises and the planning of the needs according to these prescriptions.

Occupational Training Project

We are starting the On-the-Job Training project to gain the necessary human resources and our sector with our experience and wide portfolio.

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12M Consulting companies to meet the requirements of information and communication technology,enterprise software solutions,mobile applications,Besides the system and hardware integration applications,process analysis and design,project management,It offers training and system optimization services.

Software Licensing

Global Business Partner Software Licensing Services

Software Consulting

Successful applications can be done with correct consulting.

Custom Software

You Imagine We Perform for You.

Mobile Services

Real-Time Streaming of Data with Mobile Solutions

Management Consulting

Focus on You Job While We Solve Your Problems

Training and HR Services

We prepare candidates and introduce them to companies.

Project Management

We provide Project Management services for all the projects we carry out with our customers.

Corporate Check-Up

Organizations are analyzed in detail with the free Corporate Check-Up service.

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Our Products & Solutions

Wherever our customers need it, we are always with the solutions and products they need when they need it.